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About Us

Our Philosophy

In a nutshell, it’s about helping you to become supple, strong, and pain-free so that you can Move Well and get back to doing what you love.  We pride ourselves on being a genuinely multi-modality practice – we don’t just limit ourselves to chiropractic adjustments, we use a range of treatment techniques (tailored to suit your specific condition – please checkout our section on services), and, where needed, we reinforce this with corrective exercises.

Your Local Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Eickenloff - Chiropractor

Dip App Sc (Acu), B Comm, B Sc (hon), M Cl Chiro (hon)

Michael is passionate about helping patients get out of pain and get moving again.  He will work with you to address your concerns with an approach that suits both your preferences and your condition.  In addition to being a qualified chiropractor, Michael is a qualified acupuncturist and remedial therapist and has certifications in dry needling, various forms of corrective exercise, rehabilitation and human movements disciplines, as well as being a certified kettlebell instructor.  

Michael is experienced at treating complex cases, including disc injuries, degenerative type conditions, general musculoskeletal complaints and sporting injuries.  However, Michael is just as happy treating people who are feeling a bit stiff and ‘jammed up’ and ‘want a tune up’ to help them move well again!

Michael is a former athlete and has competed nationally and internationally in various martial arts styles (having held QLD, NSW & AUS titles in the 90s).  He has played grade rugby, boxed competitively, power lifted, weight lifted and cross-fitted.  He has also taught martial arts and helped coach professional fighters and currently trains with Queensland Kettlebells.

This background in physically demanding sports has given Michael a unique (and often first hand) insight into injury management.  Michael is often called upon to provide ‘running repairs’ to elite level athletes, but he is just as comfortable treating the ‘weekend warrior’ or anyone who just wants to be supple, strong & pain-free so that they can move well!

More than just 'back-cracking'

We get it – sometimes you just need an adjustment to get you moving again & feeling good (and of course, we’re happy to help).  But often you need more than a ‘quick-fix’ – you need to become SUPPLE & STRONG to help you become PAIN-FREE – welcome to Move Well Chiropractic!