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Spinal Decompression/ Traction

Disc herniation and sciatica!

We use non-surgical spinal decompression (in combination with corrective exercise) to treat some types of spinal joint dysfunction.  This includes disc injury and herniation, posterior facet dysfunction (the joints we typically perform a chiropractic ‘adjustment’ on), and where there is nerve irritation and/or compression, such as sciatica.

Essentially, it is a gentle form of motorised traction, but unlike straight traction it has a relaxation phase, and this cycle is generally repeated between 4 to 8 times during a session.  The purpose is to ‘de-load’ (and create negative pressure) in the disc to promote the exchange of water, oxygen, and nutrients to promote healing.  It also helps gently stretch the intervertebral foramen (formed by the posterior facets) which takes pressure of the exiting spinal nerves.  

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