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Part 2 ‘Activate your core’ – Functional Methods

Key Points Functional movement generally refers to real-life biomechanics.  It is a movement using multiple joints in multiple plains.  In a rehab setting, it aims to integrate the core, and neuromuscular control. It closely replicates real-world situations, and the exercises are designed not just to make a muscle stronger, but

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Is prolonged sitting really as bad as smoking?

Is sitting really as bad as smoking? Key Points Despite the media hype, prolonged sitting is not even close to being as bad as smoking Prolonged sitting does increase your risk of all-cause mortality (the rate of any attributable death), cardiovascular disease, and all-cause cancers, but not to the same

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What can we do for neck pain?

Effective treatments for Neck Pain?

Effective Treatments for Neck Pain – Key Points Neck pain is a very common musculoskeletal condition affecting a significant portion of the population. Systematic reviews (comprehensive ‘studies of peer reviewed studies’ by experts) demonstrate that manual therapy, including chiropractic techniques and targeted soft tissue therapy, are effective treatments for neck

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Trigger Points

Some basic self-care techniques for Trigger Points Repeat after me: STOP rolling around on hard balls and ‘smashing your tissue’. This creates unnecessary inflammation that can promote/prolong the trigger point. Instead, find the most painful spot and use a tennis ball (or similar that is firm, yet has some give)

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Ergonomics and neck pain

Some basic guidelines for ergonomic workstation set up* Screen approximately at arms-length (including fingertips) The top of the screen should be at eye-height when the head is in a neutral position Let the shoulders fall comfortably by your side and arms bent to around 90° or slightly greater Lower back

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